one to one

Dedicated time for us to work through what you need, where you may be stuck, how you want your social channels to progress.

A follow up report with suggestions and solutions for you to work through and make the improvements to take you to the next level.

social audit

A chance for you to dig deep and understand the behind the scenes detail, data and analytics that make all the difference.

Improve the reach, following and engagement on your social media posts.



Are you totally overwhelmed with what it takes to run a social platform?  Do you want to focus on your business and offload the management of your social platforms for a short period?

I will take on the overall management, including creating content, scheduling posts and engagement.




content creation and planning

Do you need help to create and curate compelling and relevant content that really reflects your brand?  Do you want to learn how to schedule in advance so that you can free up your valuable time?

I will walk you through the processes and tools you need.


set up service

New business or just want to level up and set up on social so that your target market can reach you and more importantly, you can reach them! 

I can set up your social profiles, help with branding, hashtags and show you the tools you need to run your own social channels.

Need a compelling website to showcase your brand?  I offer a full set up service to suit your needs.